Zakk Wylde Burger!!!

Posted: 04/19/2013 in Metal Merchandise

Zakk Wylde is going to unveil his Berzerker Burger at the Grill ‘Em All restaurant next Saturday, in Alhambra, California! His Berzerker Burger consists of two blackened half pound burgers, battered onion rings, white truffle pomme frites, chipotle ketchup, cheddar, and thick cut bacon, with the whole lot smothered in chili.

If my calculations are correct, each Berzerker Burger should be about… one million calories!!!

“Doing a Zakk Wylde burger is a dream come true for us because the guy is everything we dig about metal,” said Matt Chernus, Grill ‘Em All’s co-owner. “We thought, ‘What would Zakk Wylde like? Um, yeah, beer and spice!’”

There’s a video about Berzerker burger, watch it below and drool…


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