Released in 1998 by Castle Communications

Recommended Songs: Midnight Sun, I Can, Revelation

Interesting Facts: The album’s cover was inspired by The Smurfs, with Gargamel changed for the witch and the Smurfs for pumpkins. Also, as opposed to the more benign-looking pumpkin used on previous albums, a sinister-looking pumpkin is used to represent the “o” in the “Helloween” logo. Albeit with a few minor tweaks, it is still currently in use. The band Hanson have been known to use the album introduction as an entrance to their concerts.

better than

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Released in 1996 by GUN Records

Recommended Songs: Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching), Scotland United

Interesting Facts: Although ‘Tunes of War’ is a concept album about the Scottish struggles for independence from England (from the medieval conflicts between its clans in the 11th century through to the Jacobite rebellion of the 18th), the band in actually German.



Released in 2006 by Roadrunner Records

Recommended Songs: Through The Fire And Flames, Cry For Eternity

Interesting Facts: the album reached number 1 in the Billboards Heatseekers chart; it also reached No. 103 on the Billboard 200 chart; and its first single “Through The Fire And Flames” has received rock radio and Fuse TV airplay, as well as a place as playable track on the video game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. The album has gone Silver in the UK, has sold over 350,000 units in the US and more than half a million worldwide.


Released in 2005 by Massacre Records

Recommended Songs: Into The Enchanted Chamber, Witches of Black Magic

Interesting Facts: Timeless Miracle comes from Malmö, Sweden, and was formed in 1995. Originally named Trapped, the band soon broke up without releasing any materials. The collective re-formed in 2001 and recorded three demos. Having changed their name to Timeless Miracle, the band released their excellent début album Into the Enchanted Chamber in 2005. The band began recording their second album, Under the Moonlight in May 2007, but hasn’t released any updates since September 2008; their web-site is currently down!


‘Rock For Light’, Bad Brain’s sophomore album, with its 20 flawless tracks it sounds like a “Greatest Hits” album that any other band would have released! It is one of the most influential and original albums, a landmark in music’s history and easily one of the top 50 rock/metal albums of all time! Rock for light was the hardest, fastest hardcore album with by far the best musicianship from all the other hardcore releases of its time! It is chock-full of blurring speed and power but also catchy melodies and soul! Due to the album’s 20 tracks, it is a grower, so give it a few listens to fully appreciate it. ~Mr. Metalised

Released in 1983 by PVC, Caroline (re-issue)
Best Songs: Attitude, We Will Not

Interesting Facts: Bad Brains are widely regarded as among the pioneers of hardcore punk, though the band’s members objected to this term to describe their music. Despite their burgeoning punk sound, the early Bad Brains, after seeing Bob Marley in concert, also delved deep into reggae music and the Rastafari movement! Originally formed as a jazz fusion ensemble under the name Mind Power, Bad Brains developed a very fast and intense punk rock sound which came to be labeled “hardcore”, and was often played faster and more emphatically than the music of many of their peers. The unique factor of the band’s music was the fact that they played more complex rhythms than other hardcore punk bands, also adapting non-punk style guitar riffs and solos into their songs.

The band developed an early reputation in Washington D.C., where they come from, due in part to the relative novelty of an entirely black band playing punk rock, but also due to their high-energy performances and undeniable talent. In 1979, Bad Brains found themselves the subject of an unofficial ban among many Washington D.C. area clubs and performance venues (later addressed in their song, “Banned in D.C.”). The band subsequently relocated to New York City.

Rock for Light is the band’s second full-length album. A previous album, ‘Bad Brains’, was released in 1982 but only on cassette, therefore making ‘Rock for Light’ Bad Brains’ first proper album. The 1991 re-issued version has some extra tracks, an altered track order, significantly different mixes and a speed increase of the master which results in a raising of the pitch by one-half step. The album contains a number of re-recorded songs from the band’s first album, Bad Brains, as well as a number of new hardcore punk and reggae tracks. On the band’s subsequent releases, they experimented with funk, soul and heavy metal.


“The songs are short, catchy, loud, fast and intense from start to finish. The album has stood the test of time and has influenced not just the majority of the modern punk and hardcore punk bands but also bands such as Slayer and System of a Down! Cutting musicianship and politically charged, social satire, tongue-in-cheek, and sometimes hilarious lyrics fuel classic songs like ‘Chemical Warfare’, ‘Kill the Poor’, ‘Let’s Lynch the Landlord’, ‘California Über Alles’ and ‘Holiday in Cambodia’.” ~Mr. Metalised

Released in 1980 by Cherry Red Records/Alternative Tentacles
Best Songs: Chemical Warfare, California Über Alles

Interesting Facts: The photo on the front cover, showing several police cars on fire, was taken during the White Night riots of 21 May 1979, that resulted from the light sentence given to former San Francisco City Supervisor Dan White for the murder of Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk.

On March 25, 1980, Dead Kennedys were invited to perform at the Bay Area Music Awards in San Francisco to major record label artists to give the event some “new wave credibility”, in the words of the organizers. The day of the performance was spent practicing the song they were asked to play, the underground hit, ‘California Über Alles’. In typically subversive, perverse style, the band became the talking point of the ceremony when after about 15 seconds into the song, Biafra said, “Hold it! We’ve gotta prove that we’re adults now. We’re not a punk rock band, we’re a new wave band.” The band, who all wore white shirts with a big, black S painted on the front, pulled black ties from around the backs of their necks to form a dollar sign, then started playing a new song titled ‘Pull My Strings’, a barbed, satirical attack on the ethics of the mainstream music industry!

dead k